About Me☃

Hello, I’m Ryoko. I decided to start this blog to post pictures, happenings, and thoughts related to my cooking just because I love cooking♡

As you can tell from my rusty(probably unnatural) English, I am Japanese who grew up in Japan. I became 30 in 2012.

In Japan, there are more and more good pre-made foods sold at a convenience store. Also, you can enjoy a variety of gourmet foods at department stores. With this kind of reality and the traditional idea of Japan being a country of SUSHI and good foods, people may think I have had an easy access to good food in my life.

I say, yes I have. But, what has made it easy for me to access to good food is my mother. I appreciate my mom so much because this access to food has made me fond of cooking, of course eating included, that led me to be a better cook.

The memory of my first cooking goes back to when I was small, maybe around 5 years old of age.
My mother often tells me that she would let me use a knife in our kitchen when I was a little girl, and I can still picture in my eyes that scene where I would peel an apple right next to my mother in the kitchen in my hometown in Nagano prefecture, which is famous for their fresh apple.

According to my mom, I was a weird kid as long as eating goes. I would like to eat dry fish or Natto(fermented soy beans) as snack.I guess that explains where my healthy thick bones in my arms came from.

My orientations for cooking are—
-Be thankful for living things I cook and eat
-Buy and use fresh ingredients as much as my allowance can allow

I am not vegan and don’t intend to be for now, but I would like to respect all the living things I cook and eat.
Also, I believe fresh ingredients would make a difference on the appearance of food and would be good for our health.

What I care about in my cooking or what I would like to pursue is CREATIVITY.
I think this is really easy to say, but hard to do.
In my opinion, cooking itself is a mean of creativity (I like to touch on this sometime in my blog)
and I would like to have my own creativity bloom in my kitchen and successively on our table.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the cooking journey with me!












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