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Scone Experiment


Scones are easy to make! If you’re going to participate in a competition featuring on easy, tasty, and hand-made sweets, scones are something to offer on the judge’s table. Easiness on making scones differs depending on the recipe you choose. Some recipes prefer to use a pancake mix, which makes the making process very simple. I often use a recipe site called “Cookpad” in Japanese. Typing in ‘スコーン(Scone)’ as a key word, they come up with more than 4800 recipes of varieties of scones. You might find Maccha scones or even pudding-flavor ones.

形もこうして焼けばスタバ風なんだって。I also found the method to make Starbucks-like scones. FUN!! ⇩


Before Baking


After Baking


Cranberries and Walnuts Scones






I brought hand-made scones to my friend who invited me for dinner. She texted me next day,”Those scones are awesome!” I almost cried for the joy and ascertained that it was such a pleasure for me to make somebody happy with foods I made just for the person.

Now my scone-related goal is this: Exploring a scone recipe that I love!I’ve been trying some yogurt in the dough, changed ratio of ingredients….The experiment to find my favorite scone recipe goes on.


Cranberry, Hazelnuts and Walnuts Scones